Anne Frank

After 08 years I have directed a theatre production for Goethe Institut. This time it’s not a drama based on a German script, but on a world famous book “Diary of a young girl “Anne Frank.” It was a great challenge to do a play just on notes written on her diary and on the other hand working on choreography, Since, I have been facing challenges for the last 3 decades, on this occasion, I just forgot about the difficulties and handled the job. Even though it was planned from last year we were able complete the work only recently. It was a not an easy task, but with the dedication and love of my team we were able to make it a reality.

Within a short span of time, with proper planning we completed the drama in both English and Sinhala languages. Also, without the encouragements and assistances given by the Director of the Goethe Institute, Dr. Petra Reynolds, Mr. Daniel Stoll – the Chief librarian, new Director Mr. Stefan Winkler and the whole staff of the Institute it would have been a restricted to just thoughts, not reality.