Profile of Inter Act Art

IAA, which was inaugurated in 1990, has completed many activities for the last two and a half decades. Basically, IAA is involved in theatre and Performing art. Also, IAA is a multi ethnic, multi language and a multi religious group. Its decision-making activities are conducted by a committee comprising of Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim representatives.

We have being the pioneers to introduce Forum Theatre (Sinhala & Tamil) and Black Box Theatre to Sri Lanka, as a different dimension to Sri Lankan theatre, located in Sri Jayewardenepura, capital of Sri Lanka and it is the second in South East Asia. As our main objective we have trained young creators, school teachers university students and cooperate sector island-wide in modern trends and techniques. We are the proud owners of Sri Lanka’s one and only International Theatre Festival: The Colombo International Theatre Festival, which was inaugurated in 2012. We have a small theatre house, a theatre academy, training centre for private sector employees, dancing section, drama production unit and a  publication section. Few books published by our organization have been prescribes as reading material for A’ Level students who are following performing art as a subject, by the National Institute of Education. We have also given the opportunity for youth of all ethnicities with creative ideologies to work to fulfill their objectives by providing basic facilities. Most of their creations have won awards at the National & International level.

IAA organizes two alternative national Theatre Festival & one International theatre festival, all of which are annual events. Namely.

  1. Sri Lankan theatre festival
  2. Black Box short play festival
  3. Colombo International Theatre Festival (CITF

Name :Inter Act Art (IAA)
Address : 295, U.E. Perera Mw, Obeysekarapura, Rajagiriya

Festival Secretary : M.Shafraz
+ 94 757 235 727
Director : M.Safeer
+94 773 129 749

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Government Registration
Section: Cultural Organization; Year: 2007; Reg. No.: CD/3/3/5/2/CO/97
International Registration Assitej : Children’s and Young People’s
Theatre Centre of Germany, with worldwide operations