Mission and Vision

• To go beyond the existing methodology of Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim youth of various religions, and to make an attitude change among them.

• To build a new positive conceptual discussion for various cultural identities.

• Activate transformation programs for those who are under stress in any field.

• To respect different social, religious layers, listening and to build a common discussion and to make an appearance for them.

• As an alternative to the attitudes of the youth, to study, research, analyze and exchange new attitudes on behalf of the youth.

• To look at the social problems analytically and to bring about transformation ideology.

• To listen to stories which were not heard by the media up to now.

• To search for aesthetes and new talents, apart from the big cities and to have a dialogue with them.

• To identify the new trends in Sri Lanka, Asian region and the World.

• To provide scope according to their likes and dislikes.


Cultured Society; Full of Humanity with a Social and Cultural Change