Two Dying Scene – India – August 26th

Saranjith NK

The play is based on the two epic characters, Duryodhana and Bali from the Indian myths Mahabharata and Ramayana respectively. Even though these characters from deferent stories they are having one similarity that both were killed by the ideal men of the contemporary world, Sri Krishna and Sri Rama. Both were killed by the false play of lord Krishna and Lord Sri Rama. The performance has four deferent segments describing by a soldier who is witnessing the ruined war field. The audience is seeing all these segments through the description of this soldier.

In the first piece he is describing the fall of Duryodhana, then he moves into the second segment in which he is describing and enacting the argument between Sri Rama and Bali after Bali’s fall. The moment when they face death both Bali and Duryodhana forgive and try to reconciliate with their enemies. In the third segment the protagonist is the epic Character Aswathama (Drona’s Son, the immortal soldier from Kaurava family). He appears with the intend to seek revenge for Duryodhana and kill the Pandavas during night. And in the last segment the actor performs the ‘dying scene’ representing both Duryodhana and Bali by using the Kudiyattam Attaprakaram (the Kudiyattam actors guide towards performance).

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