Prasad Wickramaratne


After completing the primary education  at   Dambadeniya  Maha Vidyalaya named after the ancient city he  continued his Secondary Education at Royal College, Colombo.

He holds a MSc in Agriculture from  Kharkov Agrarian University in Ukraine and a   Masters in Customs Administration  from  Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) of  Sri Jayawardenepura University. Presently Prasad Wickramaratne works for Sri Lanka Customs as a Superintendent.

He took to drama as a student. His  short  drama carrier came  to a  halt in 1987 as he left  the country for higher studies on a Government Scholarship. The same year he was  adjudged the Best Actor in Palitha Lokupothagama’s award winning drama  “ Kaputa saha Keju” in Youth Society short drama  category at the  Youth Drama Festival. During the 5 year long stay abroad, he broadened his knowledge in the world of Theatre and Drama

He had been a casual actor in experimental short films. He comes out of the self-imposed exile to write the drama script “Love and Lockdown” on M. Safeer’s request.

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