Mohamed Shafraz


He is professionally a Journalist worked at two major Television stations Swarnavahini and Sirasa tv in Sri lanka as an Executive Director for more than 15 years well experienced in live programmes, Features and Documentaries.

Professionally he was attached to Tele drama and visual directing for more than two decades. Vaudhaa (first ever daily soap in sri lanka), Kaavyaa, Pathini, Aadare Ahasa tharam were few teles he has directed. He was a dubbing artist, voice caster, script writer too. He has directed two feature filmsas well.


Basically he translated few books since 2002 itself. Sensouous body, Successful Speaker, Acting for camera, Beloved Shaliha (Sufi philosophy), Chinese language studies through Ecstatic kungfu /12books, Belt and the Road Initiative, Expats in China.

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