M. Safeer

Founder / CEO

An award winning director of theatre, a playwright, the pioneer who introduced     concepts of Black Box Theatre and Forum theatre in addition to few other forms of theatre to Sri Lanka, a director of a publishing house which has published numerous books during the past two decades, founder of the Colombo International Theatre Festival, an annual event since 2012,

As an author he wrote his first book on artistic entrepreneurship in the entertainment industry in 1998. He was the first in Sri Lanka to use software -Page Maker- when he wrote and published the Stage Management Handbook in 2000 and the Black Box Theatre (BBT) in Sinhala, in 2009. He has written a dozen of books on theatre which had been prescribed by the National Institute of Education for GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level students following Performing Theatre Studies as a subject.

During last of quarter of a century, Safeer has been a participant at numerous  National and International theatrical and artistic projects as an invitee as well as a panel member. Along with theatre productions, writing books he has conducted many theatre workshops with different communities, all over Sri Lanka and internationally. Safeer’s main visionary theme as well as the focus has been on the importance of transformation, development of new capacities and collaboration.


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