Dear all Global Theatre friends…

Inter Act Art Institute is happy to announce the Call for Participation in the 10th “COLOMBO INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL – 2024 (CITF)”

(International Mono Drama Competition)

Which will be held from 24th to 30th August in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Dear all Global Theatre friends…

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

The Colombo International Theater Festival, which started in 2012, is approaching its successive 10th edition. CITF 2024 will feature Mono Dramas from across the globe, formal and informal interactions between artists from Sri Lanka and abroad, towards a sustained effort in curating a festival with a purpose of bringing innovative performances to Sri Lanka.

Over 70 countries covering all continents 100 theatre groups and over 1000 artist and veterans have participated during the previous 09 years including Sri Lankan theatre fraternity.

For a decade, we have made great efforts and dedication to popularize the name of Sri Lanka among theatre practitioners all over the world and to make it a place where they meet at one place. Now it is a stable and recognized festival. It is an International Theatre Festival which is attended with affection by Theatre practitioners from all over the world.

We are proud that the festival has become the talk of the world again due to the international competition sections that we have introduced since last year.

No matter how many troubles and obstacles we faced, we somehow managed the Theatre festival Up to date. The joy of finally meeting the global theatre practitioners in one place is something we will never forget.

Interact Art Theater Institute is a small-scale theater company. But we now experience that the difference we have made is not small. We have built a global bridge. It is now easy for all of us to go back and forth over that bridge.

The Colombo International Theater Festival will be organized as an International Monodrama competitive festival in this year too.

Short Play Category         –             For South Asia Region only. Maximum duration is 15 minutes.

Long Play Category          –              Any theater group from around the world could participate.

Minimum duration is 45 minutes to maximum 60 minutes.

We would like to warmly invite the interested theatre groups to join hands with us in this pearl island.

The organizers will cover the local hospitality of the group & up to 4 members during the festival, and provide the meals, accommodation, performance venue, local transport and publicity.

The other expenses shall be borne by the participating group, including their travel to Sri Lanka and back visa if applicable and insurance, etc.

Now let’s get ready for the new year with new hopes for the 2024 Theatre festival… in August.

So now we are ready. Let us meet at the Colombo International Theatre Festival…

Closing Date 10th March 2024.

Any further clarification, feel free to contact us on email