Eréndira’s Metamorphosis – India – August 28th

Mrinal Jyoti Goswami

We can’t tell what life wants.  Whom, where and how life wants that always remains an unsolved mystery. Life and myth are related; we can’t figure that out either. The currents and cross currents of the world make us think anew every moment. Are we slaves of time!?

Life and fantasy; fantasy and life are the same, that’s how Márquez might have sought a new path. The narrator of Eréndira’s Metamorphosis is a versatile, meta-narrator, deliberately changing her motto from time to time. That is what the performance is all about: as observed by Hans-Thies Lehmann in his book Postdramatic Theatre – “The action of the artists is designed not so much to transform a reality external to them and communicate by virtue of the aesthetic treatment, but rather to strive for a self-transformation.”

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