PARADOX – Poland – August 29th

Krzysztof Pulkowski

Original drama inspired by Joseph Heller’s two books Catch-22 and Closing Time.

A visionary story full of perverse action and dramatic tension. He addresses the viewer’s sensitivity directly and leads his emotions on a journey… on a grotesque trip along the trail of fear for one’s own life.

The spectacle shows the senselessness of war and the army as an institution, it exposes all mechanisms governed by the logic of the absurd. Her heroes are a collection of madmen, fanatics and idiots and opportunists, but above all people who want one thing – to survive.

And on the other hand, the protagonist’s contemporary view of the world around us, which is also full of paradoxes and is a sick system into which we are unfortunately “squeezed”.

Seriousness is intertwined with the grotesque, and wisdom with stupidity. Everything is in quotation marks, although the context of the presentation is very serious – it is concern for human life.

In the play, the hero ON (Krzysztof Rogacewicz) impersonates a dozen or so completely different characters, showing the full range of his abilities. The performance is about the fact that everyone can overcome their fear… WITH LAUGHTER

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