Don’t Revenge us ! – Romania – August 29th

Ella Nistor & Silvia Raileanu

The performance is about the confessions of the communist system victims, who endured the pain of deportation in Siberia.

It represents the life of a woman who was born in Moldavia, where people lived peacefully and after the Soviet Union’s conquest of Moldova, the 6 years old girl’s life turns upside down. Her family is snatched out of this country and sent to Siberia, just because they had seven acres of land. Her family is split, and she with her smaller brother, grandma and father get deported. Her bigger brother remained in Romania the day the borders closed, and her grandfather got arrested and sent to jail for life.

After approximately forty years the family members were reunited, few that were still alive, she and her brothers. They were lucky though, some did not have that kind of luck, they disappeared without a trace, frozen, working hard jobs or eaten by the wolves that roamed around freely in Siberia

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